PurpleAds vs. Ezoic: Everything You Need to Know


Intro to PurpleAds vs. Ezoic

What are PurpleAds and Ezoic? Both are ad networks that enable website owners to join as publishers and monetize their sites. Here is how each company presents itself:

About PurpleAds

PurpleAds is a display ad network connecting advertisers with website owners and content creators around the globe, effortlessly. PurpleAds offers several ad formats, with CPC and CPM demand, and it’s a self-service platform, so there is no contract.

The installation process is super easy, we have multiple high-quality demand partners and direct advertisers. Our ads work independently and are totally separated from your other ads on the page, and you can use them alongside other ad sources.

PurpleAds offers powerful demand and great ad placements that can boost your total revenue.

About Ezoic

At Ezoic, we’re passionate about building a better web. We spend every moment of every day working on our platform to help publishers and website owners improve their digital properties.

Ezoic allows publishers to streamline the management of multiple goals while remaining in control of all testing. Ezoic’s technology was designed for digital publishers and includes industry-first features for monetization, site speed, and more.

Along with new features constantly being introduced to customers, publishers can rest assured knowing that Ezoic is a profitable company backed by Balderton Capital — the largest investor in the European Union. We were granted Google’s Business innovation award in 2016 for our impact on publisher revenue.

Publisher Requirements

Both PurpleAds and Ezoic don’t approve every website to be their publisher. Each company has its own terms and conditions for approval, and here they are according to their websites:

PurpleAds Publisher Requirements

According to PurpleAds, sites may not be approved because:

  • The content on your website is poor quality.
  • Your website is too new.
  • Your website has too many ads or popups.
  • Your website is down or not accessible.
  • Your website doesn’t have enough content.
  • You’re not using your own domain (e.g example.wordpress.com)
  • Your site design is terrible.
  • You don’t have enough traffic.
  • URL Shortener services are not allowed.
  • Online stores (Shopify, woocommerce, etc) are not allowed.
  • Your site has malware or signs of being hacked.

In addition, the site may not be approved if it includes or links to:

  • Pornography, adult or mature content
  • Violent content
  • Online movies
  • Hate speech (including content that incites hatred or promotes violence against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity), harassment, bullying, or similar content that advocates harm against an individual or group.
  • Excessive profanity
  • Hacking/cracking content
  • Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia content
  • Content that promotes, sells, or advertises products obtained from endangered or threatened species.
  • Sales of beer or hard alcohol
  • Sales of tobacco or tobacco-related products
  • Sales of prescription drugs
  • Sales of weapons or ammunition (e.g., firearms, firearm components, fighting knives, stun guns)
  • Sales or distribution of coursework or student essays
  • Content regarding programs which compensate users for clicking ads or offers, performing searches, surfing websites or reading emails
  • Any other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity or infringes on the legal rights of others

Ezoic Publisher Requirements

Ezoic used to have a threshold of 10,000 monthly visits to use Ezoic’s Monetization features, this limit was removed and Ezoic no longer imposes pageview limits upon new sign-ups. To get approved, all sites must be in compliance with Google’s policies. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • No invalid clicks/impressions
  • Not falsely encouraging clicks
  • Not offering copyrighted material/downloads
  • Not offering counterfeit goods
  • The site should have reliable traffic sources
  • Sites shouldn’t redirect users to undesirable pages/sites/pop-ups or pop-unders
  • Gambling content – click here for more info
  • Not using automatically generated content
  • Not creating empty pages with no original content
  • Not using content that is copied from other webpages
  • Not keyword stuffing
  • Not using adult/dangerous/derogatory content
  • Not offering alcohol/tobacco/healthcare related content
  • Not using aggressive/threatening content
  • Not using illegal content

Payment Terms

The payment terms of each company are as follows:

PurpleAds Payment Terms

  • Processing time: NET+15 (up to 15 days from the end of the month that you reached the minimum payment threshold)
  • Threshold: The minimum balance you need to have before getting paid is $20.
  • Payout Methods: PayPal, and wire transfer if the payout is $500 or more.
  • Fees: No fees with PayPal (PurpleAds covers them unless there is an issue with your PayPal), for wire transfers the fees will be determined by your bank, and rates can vary (PurpleAds doesn’t charge an additional fee).

Ezoic Payment Terms

  • Processing time: NET+30. Ezoic operates on a net 30 days where they pay 30 days after the confirmation of the payment. Payments occur between 27 and 31 of every month as long as a publisher meets the minimum threshold.
  • Threshold: Ezoic’s minimum threshold is $20.
  • Payout Methods: Cheque, Bank Transfer with Wise, PayPal, Direct deposit – which is a US Bank Transfer via Payoneer, and this option is only available to US residents, International Wire Transfer via Payoneer, and Payoneer Prepaid Card.
  • Fees: Bank transfers with Wise are subject to currency conversion fees(variable). International wire transfers are subject to a currency conversion fee of 2% unless the currency is specified next: CAD, GBP, EUR, PKR, CNY, INR (0.015%). Alternatively, there is a $15 fee to receive funds in USD. Note: electronic bank transfers to the United States are free of charge.

In short

In this article, we introduce 2 ad networks: PurpleAds and Ezoic. We went over the requirements and payment terms of each network. The payment terms in PurpleAds are a bit better since PurpleAds is paying faster (NET+15 vs. NET+30), and both networks have the same threshold of $20. Both networks offer good terms for website monetization, Ezoic seems to have stricter rules for approval as they require complying with Google’s policies, and PurpleAds pays faster. We recommend giving PurpleAds a try if you want to monetize your website.